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The Breakroom

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hi hi [24 Jul 2006|03:51pm]

[ mood | Confused ]

Hey Guys 

I'm your new Sara. (Yes I do play Sophia too but only until come one else wants her, then she's theirs)
I've been reading and trying to catch up... But I'm slightly confused.
Should I post? Or wait till there's a new case or till I'm needed...?
Im only paritally confused... could some one help me out? Please??

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[20 Jul 2006|05:18pm]

[ mood | Chipper ]

Hey everyone!

I'm Butterfly. I'll be Playing your detective, Sophia Curtis.
I always Play Sara Sidle, so this is new for me, I'm sorta excited.

I have been CSI RPGing for about...a year give or take a few weeks, and
celebrity rping since.. pfft... I dunno since like 5 years ago.
I have my own CSI RPG that was been going strong since Feb, but
it's on a proboard setting so it's a little different then

Feel Free to IM me on AOL; XoButterflySidle
or friend me, SidleChick87
I'm ALWAYS online and up for anything really.


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RP [19 Jul 2006|06:31pm]

[ mood | creative ]

I'll be gone tonight and Friday but if you guys wanna do some RP action I am free tomorrow night, just let me know!

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Vacation Alert [26 Jun 2006|11:04pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

My stupid stupid stupid stupid parental units are forcing a 10 day camping trip upon me. We leave Friday and although I will have my laptop I highly doubt I could get any internet ;) So I don't really wanna miss too much, if you guys could slow down if you post at all. Thanks so much!

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Group Vote [22 Jun 2006|01:32am]

[ mood | curious ]

Alright, I just spent the entire night creating a pretty cool CSI mood theme. So, you guys need to help me decide whether we should stay ad-free or switch to the sponsored one to use it. What do you think?

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Layout [21 Jun 2006|06:40pm]

[ mood | complacent ]

I put up a new layout, I hope you guys like it! It's a bit more fancy and organized than the last one. ;)

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[21 Jun 2006|04:20pm]

[ mood | creative ]

Hey everyone! My name's Mary and I'll be your Grissom mun. I thought I'd let everyone know about our first case: In order to get everyone familiarized with each other, we've started a serial murder.

If anyone has an ideas for the case(s), I'd love to hear them!

My contact info is here:

Personal LJ: princessklutz04
E-Mail: princessklutz04@yahoo.com
AIM: princessklutz04
YIM: princessklutz04@yahoo.com
MSN: princessklutz04@yahoo.com

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[21 Jun 2006|01:39pm]

Until we get the rest of the cast filled, I'd say it would be alright if someone wanted to post for that particular person, a little bit anyways. Just to get things going.
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Hi [19 Jun 2006|02:44pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hi all, I'd also like to introduce myself. My name is Tracee and I'll be playing the gorgeous Nick Stokes.

My character journal: im_stoked_r_u
My personal journal: swimsporty

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[19 Jun 2006|02:23pm]

I just wanted to say hello. *waves*

My name is Britt, and I will be playing your ever so gorgeous Catherine Willows.

I've been playing Cath for about...oh...two years now in other games and I've been role playing for about 8 years. *is so old*

I will also be playing an original character named Abby Gail, a very southern DNA tech :)

Anyway, if you need to get ahold of me, there are a few ways:

AIM: msbrittanydawn
Yahoo: catherine_w_csi
Email: msbrittanydawn@gmail.com
Personal LJ: propernice

I can't wait to start playing with you guys!! *runs off to work*
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[27 Apr 2006|05:10pm]

Hey welcome to the CSI Live! RPG.
Before we get started there are a few rules, look them over!

Follow the RulesCollapse )

Here's the list of characters.....

Who's WhoCollapse )

Here it is, the app to join. Send it in to csifreaky@gmail.com, but please no attachments- they won't be opened.

ApplicationCollapse )
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